Maximum Gaming Performance: Best Registry Settings to Optimize Windows (2023 Guide)

Now that we’ve launched and backed up the registry editor, it’s time to improve gaming for game mode by editing the registry and optimize Windows. You won’t see a huge difference in performance, but the general experience, fps drops, and other sectors should be improved towards the gaming experience.

If you do gaming on a laptop then you can increase the FPS also. Online gaming is very much popular. You should have a good internet connection. So, you must choose the best ethernet cable. You should also ping a port to check the connection’s stability and latency.

Now, go to these specified locations by scrolling or directly copying and pasting them on the location box of your registry editor or Regedit gaming editor, and edit the Regedit gaming tweaks given value. You may find one or two of them missing, dependent on your system. You can leave those. Note that all values given here are Hexadecimal by default.

Go to:


Here on the right side, you can see SearchOrderConfig. Double click on it and set the value data to 0, then click OK.

SearchOrderConfig = 0

It turns on automatic driver searching when needed.

If you’re manually going into each directory, just click once on the “DriverSearching” folder to display its respective values.


Here, choose

PowerThrottlingOff = 1

It prevents the computer from pushing other apps including the background apps into the suppressed state and triggers high performance. If you can’t find this registry key, you can alternatively go to Group Policy by searching it in the Windows search. Here, go to Administrative Templates > System > Power Management > Power Throttling Settings > Turn off Power Throttling (double click on it) and choose Enabled.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile

Here, choose

NetworkThrottlingIndex = ffffffff

SystemResponsiveness = 0

(For NetworkThrottlingIndex, type “f” 8 times in the value data. Then click OK. The bracketed value should show 4294967295)

By setting the value to “ffffffff”, you are completely disabling the network throttling which prevents non-general network traffic. It also lowers ping while playing multiplayer games. You can set up a gaming router for a pro online gaming experience. You can increase ping or decrease ping also.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\Tasks\Games

Here you have to edit multiple values.

GPU Priority = 8

Priority = 6

Scheduling Category = High

SFIO Priority = High