Best Optimizer To Get Insane Performance For Gaming (Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18)

Windows is good – but it could be better! Ashampoo ® WinOptimizer takes care of that! Operating systems tend to decelerate down over time and come cluttered with junk lines. In numerous cases, essential settings are moreover missing or buried deep in the system. And also there is the sequestration trouble, as especially Windows 10 loves to phone home. 

  •  System optimization, in- depth cleaning and opinion in one program! 
  •  Dashboards for always over- to- date data and instant point access 
  •  Brand new Defrag without conspicuous performance drain 
  •  combine free fragment space with Defrag 
  •  expansive drive analysis and tackle review with Defrag 
  •  Handy standard center for better clarity and briskly test access 
  •  Enhanced system details view with optimized tackle discovery 
  •  All cleansers up- to- date 
  •  Full Microsoft Edge Chromium support 
  •  New Internet Cleaner algorithm for bettered discovery of browsing traces 
  •  Enhanced Cybersurfer Extension director 
  •  further details on installed tackle during system analyses 
  •  Faster module incipiency times 
  •  Detailed analysis logs 
  • The quick route to a better Windows! 

You can feel the inconceivable optimization power of Ashampoo ® WinOptimizer right from the get- go! Take care of eight major problem areas of Windows in just a single click and protest your system into overdrive. Get rid of junk data, like web browsing traces, fix useless Registry entries, remove broken lanes and disable gratuitous services. WinOptimizer is your one- stop, one- click performance, security and stability supporter! Optimize your security, system and autostart settings in just a single click! Reclaim your system coffers and enjoy briskly startup times and a smoother overall Windows experience thanks to more available memory. Naturally, all features are unborn- evidence and ready for the rearmost Windows updates! 


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